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It is known as algebra to the branch of mathematics in which operations are widespread using numbers, letters and signs that symbolically represent a number or other mathematical entity.

According to Baldor, algebra is the branch of mathematics that studies the quantity considered in the most general way possible. In this sense, one can note that the teaching of algebra is dominated by the work "Algebra of Baldor," Book of the Cuban mathematician Aurelio Baldor, which develops and deals with all the hypotheses of this science. You can also learn most of the things on Edmodo Educational Platform.

Etymologically, the word algebra is of Arab origin meaning "recomposition" or "reintegration." Algebra proceeds from the civilizations of Babylon and Egypt, before Christ, used that method to solve first and second-degree equations.

Then, he continued in ancient Greece. The Greeks used algebra to express equations and theorems, for example, Pythagoras ' theorem. The most prominent mathematicians were Archimedes, Heron, and Diamante.

Figuratively, in the case of being in a difficult situation to understand or resolve, one can express; This is algebra!

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On the other hand, it can be noted that apart from the book previously identified, another book used in Latin America, is the algebra of Solucionario, officially known as "Modern Elementary algebra", being its authors Dr. Mario Octavio Gonzalez Rodriguez, and the American mathematician Dr. Julian Dossy Mancill. At this point, students encouraged an error in the scriptures of the surname, as instead of Solucionario, Mancill should be written.

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Graphics allow you to visualize better the information obtained to collect the data. The graphics may be bars, lines, circular, pictograms, etc. In the first basic cycle, you will only meet bar graphs and pictograms.

A study or investigation, including collecting data on various types of demographic variables, is enhanced with the development of different types of graphical statistics and Limit of a Function.

The great merit of these instruments is that the data are almost instantly transformed into information, and can be - in general - analyzed almost in an intuitive way


It is a graph where the abstract elements (such as bars) shall be replaced by drawings on the subject of what you are graphing. That Yes: its size should be proportional to the frequency you represent; for clarity, it is suggested to indicate it. The image is eloquent: discusses the results of a survey seeking to know how many times a week people eat fruits or vegetables.

A glyph is a graph that uses an allusion to the theme figure to represent the frequency.

For example:

Month's Birthday boys and girls of course.

Each represents a boy or girl who is having the birthday that month. So then on March, five children or girls are having the birthday.

Graphic bar, Also known as a column chart, a bar graph is a diagram whose bars or columns are proportional to the values that they represent. They are used to compare values since its representation makes it visible.

For What we Use Graphics, Its Principle and Mathway Solution:

Graphics are used to illustrate and present a set of data related to each other, so as to facilitate their understanding, comparison, and analysis.


  • Graphic representations allow us to learn, analyze and compare quickly and visual data on the evolution of one or several magnitudes, over time, in one or several places.
  • Facilitate the understanding of the facts and the relationships that exist among them.
  • Representations are made in the form provided.

According to the characteristics and the amount of data, you should use one or another graphic.

Types of graphics

There may be different types of graphs, each of which will help us to a greater or lesser extent to display information that is studied. In this opportunity, we will discuss linear graphics.

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We can summarize saying that the biggest advantage of work expressing information in different types of graphical statistics, is that all they will give us precise and quick Assembly of data obtained in the study or research in question.

A detail that is important to point out is that there are various types of graphical statistics and that each of will be suitable for different kinds of studies. In other words, there are studies which seek to compare, and others seek to detect majorities or minorities, others want to determine trends, other incidents, etc.

In all cases, one, in particular, is more suitable and precise graphic. The most common statistical graphics are:

(a) linear graphs

  • They are used to represent the evolution of one or more variables over time.
  • Allow a visual analysis of data and facilitate comparisons between different variables are described.
  • On a Cartesian axis (horizontal x: and Y: vertical) will be transferring data or values of the (s) variable (s) that we are going to analyze.
  • The axis X represents time; on the axis and values.
  • Are designated points. Each period corresponds to time in the value of its frequency.
  • Means of linear segments join consecutive points.

Chart or bar chart

A bar chart is usually expressed by the elevation of different colored bars (can be horizontal) information that attempts to elucidate an only appearance among a group of respondents. Depends on how the vertical axis has been graduated "and" will be expressed in different units or values the impact of the results in question. It can be used to represent percentages, but in this circumstance usually being the chosen chart type to another. Here is an example of this kind of graphics, which emulates be responses among a group of students about what is the matter that most enjoy studying at the school.

Graph or diagram of sectors

As we pointed out before, this is precisely the type of chart to represent percentages in a situation similar to the previous. Here is an example of this kind of graphics, where a survey of attendees at a school hair color is emulated.

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It is a graphical representation of a variable determined through bars, in which its surface is proportional to the frequency of the found values. The vertical axis marks the frequencies and the possible horizontal values for the variables. Here is an example.

Frequency polygon

It is a type of linear graph we use for the representation of the response of a quantitative variable incidence. The polygon comes from joining the midpoints of the upper foundations of a diagram of bars, and even of histogram bars. Here is an example of this type of statistical graphics.

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MathWay is a valid application for both math and non-fans. It offers help and solutions for almost any mathematical problem, including a Glossary of Terms and an impressive collection of formulas and theorems to solve doubts. If you study something related to the math, this free app should be on your Android.

Mathway works as a scientific calculator, valid for different fields of mathematics, such as trigonometry, calculus or algebra. It can also help us in the physics problems.

But, so and all, it may be the most interesting thing about Mathway is that the application gives us the option to avoid automatic resolution and to indicate, as a tutorial, what steps have followed to proceed to clear the formula posted. The application offers explanations of each operation.

At this point, we have to give you bad news and a good one. The good news is that downloading the application is free. The bad news is that it includes in-app payments, which in some cases amount to 88 euros and do not fall from 14 euros.

Mathway is available in both Android version and iOS version. In the first case, a 4.4 or higher update is required. To download it you can access from here. In the second case, it is necessary to update 3.0.12 or higher of the operating system. To download the app for iOS, we leave the link here.

It is interesting to add, finally, that there is also the web version of Mathway, an option that you can try for free before downloading the application. To access Mathway on the Web, you can click on this link.

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The mathway online calculator allows you to calculate the most complex mathematical functions such as trigonometry, statistics, and other advanced functions. This calculator serves to calculate complex mathematical operations, which cannot be solved with other simpler mathematical calculators.

Here you will find all the calculators online with mathematical functions. From the simple calculator to perform simple mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) to the complex scientific calculators, through useful calculators like the Double Integral Calculator rest calculator, the percentage calculator or the average calculator.

In this section, you will find the calculators that will serve you to perform the simplest exercises of arithmetic, such as adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Also, you have tools for useful calculations as the rule of three.

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Math-Tool is an online tool that can solve almost any problem that is asked. This shows us steps how to reach the result. This could be a great help because there are times when we only need to see the way to solve a problem or calculation to understand it again. It includes a brief explanation of how it is done, although this is in English and could be a problem. 

However, it will work in the universal language and solve problems of basic mathematics, algebra, statistics, pre-algebra, pre-calculus, linear algebra, trigonometry, calculus and Limit Calculator. You can solve the problems by indicating the type of operation to realizable or choosing from a menu.

Online calculators are still an excellent offer, but math calculator combines the best of resolute-demand math. In this simple but useful tool, you can paste any mathematical problem and then press Enter. The website will be updated with the result of mathematical problems such as integrals, trigonometric functions, resolution of mathematical equations, variable products, inequalities, approximations, the search of the roots of algebraic functions, numerically integrating functions, find local endpoints of an analysis function and much more. 

Several mathematical problems can be solved in areas of calculus, algebra, Discrete mathematics, numerical algorithms, Applied mathematics, and engineering mathematics.