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It is known as algebra to the branch of mathematics in which operations are widespread using numbers, letters and signs that symbolically represent a number or other mathematical entity.

According to Baldor, algebra is the branch of mathematics that studies the quantity considered in the most general way possible. In this sense, one can note that the teaching of algebra is dominated by the work "Algebra of Baldor," Book of the Cuban mathematician Aurelio Baldor, which develops and deals with all the hypotheses of this science. You can also learn most of the things on Edmodo Educational Platform.

Etymologically, the word algebra is of Arab origin meaning "recomposition" or "reintegration." Algebra proceeds from the civilizations of Babylon and Egypt, before Christ, used that method to solve first and second-degree equations.

Then, he continued in ancient Greece. The Greeks used algebra to express equations and theorems, for example, Pythagoras ' theorem. The most prominent mathematicians were Archimedes, Heron, and Diamante.

Figuratively, in the case of being in a difficult situation to understand or resolve, one can express; This is algebra!

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On the other hand, it can be noted that apart from the book previously identified, another book used in Latin America, is the algebra of Solucionario, officially known as "Modern Elementary algebra", being its authors Dr. Mario Octavio Gonzalez Rodriguez, and the American mathematician Dr. Julian Dossy Mancill. At this point, students encouraged an error in the scriptures of the surname, as instead of Solucionario, Mancill should be written.