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MathWay is a valid application for both math and non-fans. It offers help and solutions for almost any mathematical problem, including a Glossary of Terms and an impressive collection of formulas and theorems to solve doubts. If you study something related to the math, this free app should be on your Android.

Mathway works as a scientific calculator, valid for different fields of mathematics, such as trigonometry, calculus or algebra. It can also help us in the physics problems.

But, so and all, it may be the most interesting thing about Mathway is that the application gives us the option to avoid automatic resolution and to indicate, as a tutorial, what steps have followed to proceed to clear the formula posted. The application offers explanations of each operation.

At this point, we have to give you bad news and a good one. The good news is that downloading the application is free. The bad news is that it includes in-app payments, which in some cases amount to 88 euros and do not fall from 14 euros.

Mathway is available in both Android version and iOS version. In the first case, a 4.4 or higher update is required. To download it you can access from here. In the second case, it is necessary to update 3.0.12 or higher of the operating system. To download the app for iOS, we leave the link here.

It is interesting to add, finally, that there is also the web version of Mathway, an option that you can try for free before downloading the application. To access Mathway on the Web, you can click on this link.