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The Newbie’s Guide To Portable Generator Wattage Calculations

What is a Watt?

Watt is the unit of power and is denoted by symbol W. It has been named after James Watt who invented the steam engine. It can be defined as the energy consumption rate of one joule per second.

When it comes to the wattage of generators, we need to find it out. The portable generators, as well as a solar generator, are small in size and you can carry them anywhere you go. For example, they are good for camping, late night parties and even for emergency needs. The method to calculate the wattage of portable generators is given below.

Wattage Calculation

In order to find out the wattage of your generator, you should know the volts and amps of the product because they are needed for this calculation. Now multiply volts with amps and you will get a number. It will be the wattage of your product. Now divide it by 1000 and you will get the KW (Kilo Watt) use.

Why Wattage is Important?

The wattage calculation is of great importance for the users. Whenever you have to buy a generator for electrical appliances at your home, you should know the total wattage usage. This usage is then used to buy a generator of the required wattage. If you buy a whole house generator without wattage calculation, it may not be the best for your needs.

That doesn’t mean you should buy a portable generator with 10000 W. Neither should you buy a generator with fewer wattage. All you need is to estimate the total wattage usage of your appliances so that you have an idea of power needed. You will be in a better position to buy a generator then.

It is also advised the users should consider the maximum and minimum power output of the appliances. When you buy a freezer, it may require different wattage when compared with another freezer of the same standard but from a different brand. That is why minimum and maximum output wattage helps in this regard.

Buying the Right Portable Generator

In order to buy the best portable generator, you need to follow the steps below. These steps will also help you figure out how many and which appliance can run on an old generator you have already purchased.

  1. Get the Power Information

The first step is to get the information of power various appliances at your home or office need. For example, you have 4 or 5 appliances. Find out the power these require to work on a generator.

  1. Represent Information in Watt

When you have figured out the power, make sure it is represented in watt, the energy unit. Converting the power into watt is essential because you will then be able to find out how many appliances can work on the generator.

  1. Find out How Many Appliances Can Work

When you have converted the power usage into watt, you will get a number. Compare this number with the wattage of your generator. If it is higher, the generator has low wattage. If the wattage of a generator is more than the wattage of appliances, that is great because you can run all the appliances.

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