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A Day In Life In The Year 2050 And The Technological Advancements

I was walking down the glowing lanes that lead me to the place I had entered in my maps app; my lense detected something wrong at home. My dog’s heart rate was elevated, I activated my security camera, and voila, a giant humanoid with wings and a hard exoskeleton had broken into my house through the glass wall. Maybe it was the food that drew it in; it wasn’t much of a surprise though as my house was one of the only structures for miles, deep in Griffith Park, surrounded by streams and green trees, one of the only green patches of land left in the city of Los Angeles. I wonder how it got inside though. The glass wall looks normal from the outside; it also doubles as a screen that connects to my iPhone or iPad to stream whatever I want. I activated my emergency security system, and a team was there in minutes. They tranquillized the creature and took it away for analysis. I fear it may know my secret and maybe it was the scent that drew it in. The beast must be after my research. If it ends up in the wrong hands, we could be looking at a cataclysmic turn of events that end with the nuclear war. I must find out more about the creature at once.


I am a scientist and astrophysicist working on advancements in nuclear energy, and I have been keeping some unusual amounts of uranium at my house. Yes I know it’s unsafe, but I was going to move it soon. No one would know since I live in the middle of the woods. It definitely is a sight to behold. The view is spectacular from my infinity pool though. The Los Angeles skyline with personal flying cars and drones, the occasional buzz of the engine I developed overhead, operating at 150 miles an hour.


Speaking about the year 2050, we humans have finally managed to drive almost all dominant animal species into extinction. Machines artificially produce the meat we eat. One thing going for us? We have successfully set up stable biodomes on the moon and Mars currently housing 1000 people on each of them. NASA and SpaceX hired me as their astrophysicist and renewable energy expert as they knew I was close to perfecting nuclear fusion on a domestic level. This meant unlimited, renewable fuel for everyone. This is groundbreaking technology that can change the lives of billions of beings on this planet. It may save us from extinction because overpopulation is very real. This energy could finally be our ticket off of planet earth and could finally grant us ways to explore neighbor galaxies. This would solve the overpopulation crisis.

This was an original story, of how things might be in the year 2050 from the perspective of a successful scientist.

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