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What is Mathway

Mathway is an online mathematical editor which allows solving mathematical problems of very different type: basic math, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, etc. Once the data are entered automatically, it provides us the solution as well as graphics and images in some cases. Math Problem solver allows us to perform necessary calculations and solving simple equations. The app itself is a way to facilitate the use of the web service of solving equations, allowing to work with areas of basic mathematics, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, finite math and even chemistry, including a periodic table of elements. The editor is very visual for example representing very precise trigonometric figures and graphs. We can also incorporate elements with the keyboard directly either using the toolbars. It then offers us a series of questions that are predefined depending on the area in which we are working. To display the step-by-step resolution requires registration. Mathway is Available for Android, iOS or via the web.

Mathway is a web application where you can solve mathematical equations online. The site aims to provide step-by-step solutions, and also you can learn from the process to address the problems of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, among others.

The site is in English, but not easy to use or configure so that the symbols and functions available are adapted to the nature of each type of problem. You can use this application from the computer, Laptop or your mobile phone. It is also available to download for free for iOS, Android and Amazon systems.

This is a mathematical software that allows us to perform mathematical calculations picadors GeoGebra. The advantage of this software is that we allow learning better and perform them exercised mathematical of a way more easy, simple and dynamic.


  • Use the app as a scientific calculator and math formula editor.
  • Results to verify that the exercises marked resolved reaching a correct value.
  • Support students for self-correction of exercises, writing projects or specific math tasks.
  • Allows us to develop more productive mathematics activities.
  • Interactive software is easier to use.
  • It is used rather than GeoGebra.
  • Helps you understand Maths in a fun way.


Mathway helps us to develop the mathematical activities such as Limit Calculator in an active and fun way since its simple software allows us to develop these exercises and learn better easily

Many of us nerds, love mathematics. To me, in particular, rather than by practice or be a know-it-all, it is because it opens paths and gives me the opportunity to analyze and understand the world that surrounds us. Not like a lot of others, perhaps because the numbers aren't theirs. Yes, like that, I present Mathway, an application that will help you in all your mathematical problems, from the simplest to the most tedious.

What I like about applications and services like this is that they facilitate you life; Now you don't have to read you thousands and thousands of guides, visit specialized websites and hold your teachers looks when you ask them something. You can solve from fundamental or basic math problems; through Pre-algebra, Algebra, and Trigonometry, to sections such as calculus, pre-calculus, and statistics. This application seeks to solve the life of students who use Android, from basic education to university students.

The interface is very intuitive and natural. Something that reinforces the idea that everyone can use it. After the splash-screen, has several options, among them, are those mentioned in the preceding paragraph; others include a glossary, which, although it is in English, is the most complete in any application of its kind that has ever tasted.

I love the potential of this application. Note that Mathway is not a new service, on the contrary, has several years of experience, although in the previous years they roamed the road of web applications.

"Mathway is a web application that allows solving math problems over the Internet. It is an entirely free tool and that does not even require registration by users. Is capable of solving plenty of problems, showing us step-by-step how to get to the result. Mathway not only shows us all the operations necessary to solve a problem, but it includes a brief explanation of how is done (in English). MathWay has several different sections related to various branches of mathematics as basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, linear algebra, trigonometry, PreCalculus, and Calculus. The most interesting thing about this application and it sets apart it from other online calculators, it is not to be displayed in detail how a problem is solved, that allows us to introduce our problems and the web calculates us the solution showing step by step how it needs to be done to reach it. Also, in some cases it allows us to create a graph with the solution, very useful in the case of trigonometric functions."

It also has a small tutorial of 7 steps that will help you to understand the operation of the application better. Without a doubt, this app will enchant you math lovers, teachers, and anyone fascinated by the universe of numbers. Android 2.2 or any higher version you need to install it. It's free, so you won't have to pay for it, but yes you will see a couple of ads that you can disable registering in Mathway page.

Mathway is one of the problem solver tool, and easy to use just like Mapquest Driving Directions. You only have to click Tap to view steps. It will redirect you to the website with satisfactory subscription fee. It will solve the problem step by step, and this widget will always give accurate answer of your math problem.

Limit of a Function

Word that concerns us in the first place, limit, we can say that it is a word that comes, etymologically speaking, from the Latin. In particular, stems from the noun "limes," which can be translated as"border edge".

The notion of limit has multiple meanings. You can try a line that separates two territories, an end to which comes a particular time or a restriction or limitation.

For mathematics, a limit is a parameter and fixed which approximates more and more terms of an infinite sequence of magnitudes.

Function, in turn, also matches the previous term with respect to its origin. And that, similarly, it comes from the latin, more exactly of "functio", which stands for "function or execution".

Function, on the other hand, is a concept that refers to various questions. In this case, we are interested in the definition of a mathematical function (the ratio f of the elements of a set A with the elements of a set B). You can calculate Limit using our Limit Calculator, Just visit the Limit Calculator Page from the Above Menu.