Limit Calculator

Limit Calculator will help you to calculate the limit of a given function at a given point.

Limit of a function

The intuitive boundary idea is part of the popular acquits. Tending to a limit means approaching a goal, which is not always achieved. In the mathematical field, this concept has been embodied in a precise definition that combines the concepts of the infinitely Small and the infinitely large (the infinite).

Properties of Limits

Given two functions f(x) and g (x) that have the limit at a point a, the following properties are fulfilled:

  • The sum limit of both functions is equal to the sum of the limits.
  • The limit of the difference is calculated as the difference of the limits.
  • The product limit of the functions is equal to the product of its limits.
  • The quotient boundary between the two functions is equal to the quotient between the boundaries, as long as the denominator boundary is non-zero.
  • The product boundary of a constant by a function is determined by the multiplication of the constant by the function limit.

How to use Limit Calculator:

  1. Open Mathway or Enter Limit X to.
  2. If using Mathway Select Calculus from the Drop-Down Menu.
  3. or, Click on Submit.
  4. And Enter Your Problem.

You can Calculate as many Limits you want.

Note: Using a Limit Calculator will not show you the step-by-step Solution. Therefore, it is much required to solve the problem by yourself and check the answer using Such Calculator.